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COVID-19 and Pandemic Policy
This shouldn't be misconstrued as a viewpoint that pandemics and epidemics should be ignored, not at all. The threat of these are very real, and much should be done to prevent or ease a possible disaster in the future. However, the reaction and promotion of many of these supposed scares are misleading and negligent. The purpose of this article is to put the media and political hype of Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) and other such issues into perspective. The biggest threat COVID-19 actually poses is a temporary overloading of the healthcare industry. There are more pressing, damaging, and preventable issues on this planet right now that are being ignored for something that is much less a threat. It was clear after the first wave of COVID-19 hit Italy in March 2020, when we first received significant and reliable data, that the fear was overblown and misdirected. The mainstream media and politicians were claiming mortality rates of multiple percentages that had dire consequences for all age groups, but the data from Italy showed that this was definitely not the case.

Pandemic and Epidemic Readiness
All industrialized nations should be capable of handling a pandemic, especially a mild or moderate level pandemic like COVID-19. Unnecessary and inexcusable amounts of resources are put into the military, negligent welfare programs, and the entertainment industry. Only some of these resources are needed to create a well prepared healthcare industry. Any country that is not prepared for a pandemic should close its borders as soon as the first confirmation of an epidemic that might extend to the country is confirmed. Anyone travelling into the country up to a month prior to this date should be quarantined until confirmed healthy. This is a matter of common sense. This will allow the country to better prepare before and if the epidemic infiltrates their borders.

Overcounting COVID-19 Deaths
Never before have deaths been so erroneously attributed on such a mass scale in the medical field. The cause of many unrelated deaths have been attributed to COVID-19, as well as deaths that COVID-19 may or may not have played a secondary or tertiary role in. This should never be the case in an age of great information and technology, it is absolutely disgraceful. Additionally, the mass excess deaths of the world during the pandemic are blamed directly on COVID-19 when most of these deaths are actually the result of COVID-19 policies, poor health of the general population, and broken healthcare systems.

Coronavirus Versus Other Manmade Problems
The number of people killed or maimed and the amount or resources lost as a result of traffic accidents is ungodly. Most of these accidents are preventable through changes of infrastructure and cultural behaviors, but that is for another discussion. Though the situation is generally worse in less industrialized regions of the world, the degree of the problem is still inexcusable in industrialized nations as well. It is estimated that worldwide about 1.25 million people die each year in automobile accidents and a further 20 to 50 million people are injured or disabled, many permanently. In the United States alone approximately 100 people every day are killed in automobile accidents on average (700 a day in China). With proper infrastructure, laws, and social engineering this number could be reduced to nearly negligible numbers.

The number of people killed or permanently disabled from preventable every day health problems is also staggering. Unlike traffic accidents there will be a significant number of unpreventable health related deaths until extremely advanced technology is created. However, the numbers are still much higher than they should be. It is estimated that 39.8% of adults in the United States are obese, with about 7.6% being severely obese. This implies that millions across the country will be at higher risk for health problems before their time. The end result of this is millions of younger people across the globe each year dying prematurely or becoming disabled from a stroke or heart attack. Outside of birth defects, almost all of these cases are preventable. There are also other preventable health risks that cause a mass amount of deaths and disabilities such as smoking, drinking, use of illegal narcotics and medical malpractice. In comparison to these problems Coronavirus is small.

Climate change has already killed hundreds of thousands of people, and will most likely kill millions or billions more in the coming centuries. But there was no urgency to stop this problem, and there is still no urgency to reduce it. Instead, the plutocracy and their stooges incessantly clamour for more economic growth and consumption. There is absolutely no action to remodel infrastructure to be more efficient or to advance cultural behaviors for modern times. The mitigation of a climate disaster is almost completely dependent on a miraculous technological innovation.

Even if COVID-19 was to legitimately kill 10 to 50 million people directly, which is highly unlikely, deaths from preventable traffic accidents alone would exceed COVID-19 deaths in 10 to 50 years (and they have already reached those levels in the previous 50 years). Considering that such large scale pandemics only come only once in a great while, why aren't we scrambling to fix our transportation infrastructure and culture? Why isn't anything being done with hundreds of millions or more people across the globe neglecting their health and increasing costs for the rest of us? Again, COVID-19 should be dealt with accordingly. But greater urgency should be put on other problems, especially those humans create themselves. Humanity's resources are both mismanaged and controlled by the plutocracy and their underlings, they should be held accountable. Instead, the burden has been placed on healthcare workers, business owners, and much of the workforce.

Lock Downs
Lock downs and shelter mandates are a terrible way to deal with a pandemic, and will cause more problems than the pandemic itself. As production slows down or comes to a halt this will hamper technological progress in the long run. This means that technological progress in the medical industry will also generally be slowed which will result in more deaths and suffering than need be. Another big problem is that of rising costs of essential goods. Wealthier classes will be less impacted, but poorer classes will carry an exponentially higher burden. Those in extreme poverty will also see an increase in malnutrition and death, which will far surpass the direct damage done by a pandemic. This is especially important for developing countries. Developing countries should also keep their economies open because they are already so far behind developed countries as is. It will be easier for fully industrialized countries to bounce back from a shut down of the economy. Likewise, it will allow them to profit more by selling products to developing countries in the future, including medical supplies. Another significant problem is the slowing down of healthcare as a result of the shut down and hysteria. This can cause a delay in treatments of other threatening health issues that would normally be addressed sooner. Additionally, once the healthcare starts operating at full capacity again it may receive more load from the backup of normal activity resulting in extra malpractice and medical error as a result of an overload of stress on healthcare workers. Additionally, the few countries that did not take part in lock downs tended to be on the lower end of excess deaths during the pandemic.

Coronavirus Versus Starvation
Millions of people die from starvation each year, many more suffer from malnutrition. This is usually not an issue of a shortage of food, but of a problem with infrastructure. These problems could be permanently solved worldwide at the cost of a few dozen billion dollars, and could be eradicated with proper investment. The world is spending an untold amount of money and resources on fighting a pandemic that is much less damaging than starvation, when starvation could be defeated using less resources. On top of this, shutting down and slowing down economies increases food and medical prices which will result in more malnutrition and starvation. It is absolute lunacy.

Vaccine and Mask Mandates
Vaccine mandates should be extremely selective, and only be used when the ailment it targets has a high risk of mortality, and the applicable vaccines have been thoroughly tested. In addition these rare mandates will usually focus on different age groups rather than the entire population. COVID-19 and its vaccines do not fit this criteria. Especially considering some of the companies developing these vaccines hid data, and data that was publicly released was completely unsatisfactory, to the point of criminality. Not only this, but many people experiencing side effects were ignored by the healthcare industry. Meanwhile governments and media were falsely proclaiming that vaccines were safe, and proclaiming this without anything remotely close to sufficient data. This is similar to how they promoted masks and enforced mask mandates without scientific consensus, all while proclaiming scientific consensus as many prominent scientists in the field debated the topic. In the end, the only results of masks appears to be mass pollution, and profits for the companies that produced them. Even without mandates these products should have full disclosure of data before being offered to the public.

Motivations for Conspiracy
The mainstream media and organizations of several other fields clearly have an agenda. Those of higher ranks in these groups have deliberately used traditional propaganda techniques and have attempted to silence opposing voices of many qualified professionals in applicable fields, while those of lower ranks are caught up in the hysteria. It appears that a cabal of select billionaires have increased their net worth in a time when the net worth of others of all classes has generally diminished. Shut downs have greatly damaged or destroyed many smaller and medium sized businesses while many larger businesses have been able to stay open and increase revenues. It is easy to see how smaller retail stores will suffer from shut downs while Amazon will increase profit. Not only that, but there has been financial corruption that benefited many large companies and banks through government programs. There is also a huge push for a worldwide vaccination which could offer great profits to select companies. Lastly, there is a wave of future installment as well as current implementation of digital tracking and other such technologies, using COVID-19 as an excuse. It has been crystal clear from the beginning that COVID-19 policy has been used to increase the wealth and power of the plutocrats, only the blind masses do not see this.

Proper Response for Fully Industrialized Countries
In the event of an epidemic the first step should be the closure of borders until the severity of the disease can be determined and preparations be made. Next, a rational amount of resources should be dedicated to the pandemic response without taking away resources from other problems. Vulnerable groups should have the option to be protected and funded during the crisis, if reasonable. Lastly, workers that can work at home should do so, but only if practical. Anything beyond any of this, aside from developing vaccines, is an overkill and will lead to additional complications and problems.

Proper Response for Developing and Disadvantaged Countries
The response for countries that are not as industrially advanced as others should be completely different. These countries may not be able to economically handle the same responsibilities as a fully developed country, so attempting this can lead to more problems than it solves. Additionally, if these countries make the same mistakes as most of the developed countries are making, the complications and problems that the developed countries created for themselves will impact developing countries exponentially more. Instead, these countries should use this as an opportunity to gain ground against the advantaged countries. It would make sense for disadvantaged countries to make advances in any industry they can while other countries lose ground due to their ridiculous policies. It is important to understand that developed countries have many geopolitical and economic advantages over the less developed countries, and these advantages are often exponential in nature. So any time a less developed country has an opportunity to get ahead in any field or financial situation they can, they need to take it in order to gain ground. This is because they are at a highly leveraged disadvantage. The proper response for any developed country in this situation is to keep the labour force completely operational, and to increase the output of any products or services that are in higher demand because of the foolishness of other countries. Of course, in many situations, a country's trade is going to be impacted by the situation, and they may be limited by this in certain industries no matter what they do. But there will always be industries where this is not the case, depending on the region and situation. When these rare opportunities present themselves it is essential to gain all market share possible in any industry possible. Even in cases where these gains will be temporary profits can be invested for further development. When a country starts taking part in ludicrous actions such as lock downs and absurd solutions like face masks and quarantine camps, they are diverting and wasting much needed time and resources. Either way less developed countries will generally suffer more from such events, so it is a better strategy to sacrifice now to be stronger in the future. Remarkably, very few countries have taken advantage of this situation. The reason for this is that disasters can often provide ways for the leaders and plutocracy of a country consolidate power and wealth. The plutocracy of most disadvantaged countries chose their own personal power over the betterment of their countries, and further allowed the advantage countries to manipulate them.

Failure of the Scientific Community
Though most of the blame lies with politicians and the mainstream media, the scientific community also did not do its part in voicing skepticism on policies. And though many scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, and economists did question the narrative, and were often silenced for it, the leaders of most scientific and medical organizations and publications were compromised from corruption and groupthink. The ratio of corruption to incompetence can be debated, but the levels of either is criminal.

Government officials and governments, mainstream media personnel and organizations, and the blatant liars of the scientific community, such as Anthony Fauci, must be held accountable to full extent for their promotion and imposition of detrimental policies. Finally, those that imposed experimental vaccines and masks on children, to any degree, are some of the most evil and fanatical people on the planet, and must be dealt with accordingly. The planet must be absolutely purified of these types of people and corrupted power structures.