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Myth of American Exceptionalism
Since 1945 the United States has been the most powerful nation on the earth, and since 1901 has had the biggest economy on the planet. Simpletons will argue that the United States is the best country with a superior system and culture because of these facts. However, there are several reasons why the United States was able to achieve this status without earning it itself. If it wasn’t for these reasons, which have little to do with the achievement of its culture and systems, the United States would be just another country among many.

The first benefit to take into consideration when analyzing the strength of the United States is its vast, rich land. It is one of the biggest countries in the world in land mass, but more importantly, has the most access to natural resources. This land can naturally support a huge economy and population. Another very important benefit is the fact that the United States has descended from northwestern Europe. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, because northwestern Europe was the cradle of modern civilization, and when northwestern Europe achieved its technological edge it ruthlessly conquered the world, and to this day, holds down those they conquered through economic manipulation for the purpose of cheap natural resources and modern slave labor. Secondly, because the United States adopted this powerful technological status from its European founders. Just after these two reasons the United States has a monstrous advantage against all other countries. One: its technological advantage over the parts of the world that Europe defeated, and two: its size advantage in natural resources and habitable land against the Northwestern European countries it descended from (as well as other countries descended from these). The last key advantage came after the world wars after the Europeans destroyed each other's industries and financial power, which spoon fed world power to the United States. Not only was the United States industry undamaged from these wars, but they received the ultimate financial gift from the British and European allies, the permission to enable the United States Dollar as the world’s international reserve currency. This allows for an almost unlimited supply of cheap resources from manipulated economies around the world for those who have the power to print the United States Dollar, and for those who have easy access to it. The end result of all these factors is that, even if the United States had relatively inefficient systems and labor force, the United States could still dominate the world’s economy. Of course I am not stating that the United States has that, but what it certainly does not have is the most efficient system and hardest working labor force, nor does it have superior or even progressive ideologies. The real problem with the title of greatest country on earth for the United States is not the lie itself, but the reaction and consequences of those actions from the myth. If groups of people believe that the United States is the best country they will be more willing to spread and or adopt its severely flawed culture and ideology throughout the world. This has happened and still is happening, and has spread many problems, created by the United States, beyond its huge borders to the rest of the world.